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I never knew I would have a need for water filtration.  In Michigan, our water (taken from the Great Lakes) is probably the best water in the country.  But in 1997, after a close friend was diagnosed and treated (with surgery and radiation) for a malignant brain tumor, I started looking to our environment for an answer. Why had he contracted this deadly cancer?  And what could I do to minimize the chances of me and my family contracting a similar disease?

In my search, I found Dr. Andrew Weil, an MD and graduate of Harvard Medical School who advises his patients to drink filtered water in his book:  8 Weeks to Optimum Health: A Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Body's Natural Healing Power along with other lifestyle changes.  Also, his new book, Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being, sites some information from 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, and offers new information on how to age gracefully, with a 12 point scientific approach.  Dr. Weil advises to eat less animal fat, replace meat with soy protein, eat salmon, drink green tea, eat garlic, ginger root, fruits and vegetables, especially broccoli, cook with olive oil, avoid foods with dyes and other additives, exercise, take more time to relax and finally, filter your water.

I found a KDF/GAC countertop water filtration system that fits my needs, and it's inexpensive to buy and maintain with replaceable filters guaranteed to filter 12,000 gallons of water and last 3 years.  I am now using and recommending this KDF/GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon) water filtration system.  Besides removing potentially hazardous chemicals, contaminants and heavy metals like lead and cadmium, the water tastes better as well.


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In memory of Bruce Engelson, a very good friend.