Arsenic Water Filters and How to Remove:

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Arsenic Reduction

Arsenic Water Filters and Purifiers

Arsenic can be found in wells and ground water in two forms:  Arsenic V (inorganic),  pentavalent, arsenate and Arsenic III (organic), Trivalent, arsenite.  KDG/GAC cartridges will only remove inorganic arsenic, Arsenic V, and reverse osmosis membranes will remove both forms.  KDF removes heavy metals, pesticides and fertilizers. However, arsenic removal is not as simple as some of the other contaminants.  To remove Arsenic III, you need to change its structure to Arsenic V, and chlorination is used in this method. Another method, using a specially treated iron oxide media (see cartridge below), will remove both types of arsenic. Here are links to articles and methods for removing arsenic:

Arsenic in Drinking Water

Here's a link to some important information on arsenic in ground water from the CDC. Includes a map of arsenic in ground water across the US. See

arsenic across the US

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