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Customize Your Own Countertop Water Filter

Build Your Own Water Filter Purifier-- custom countertop made to your specifications

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Below you'll find all the necessary parts to custom design your own countertop water filter.  It's simple: select a housing configuration using the ORDER NOW buttons (single, double or triple) and then select the filters for your system from those listed (wrench is optional--housings are hand tightened). Fill out the order form, and we'll build it to your specifications. Shipping is free over $149. Includes water filter installation instructions. Create your own custom filter below.  Some suggested configurations include our Doulton ceramic bacteria cartridge followed by our KDF/GAC filter for removing chlorine and heavy metals.  Another popular dual filter is used to remove fluoride using our activated aluminum cartridge in the first housing and our KDF/GAC in the second canister.  One more popular dual stage countertop filter uses our KDF/GAC cartridge followed by a 0.5 micron carbon block for removal chlorine and chloramines.  Select a triple configuration and you can add a third stage.

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ct cttriple countertop water filter

Single Countertop Filter (includes housing, stand, faucet spout, diverter, tubing and fittings)--$59.95.  ORDER NOW!

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Double Countertop Filter (includes housings, stand, faucet spout, diverter, tubing and fittings)--$119.95.  ORDER NOW!

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Triple Countertop Filter (includes housings, metal bracket, faucet spout, diverter, tubing and fittings)--$169.95.  ORDER NOW!

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Filter Housing Wrench--$4.95.  ORDER NOW!


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