Chloramine Water Filters :

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Chloramines Water Filters for Municipal Water

Chloramines Water Filters - reduces chlorine and chloramines taste and odor--with KDF/GAC removes HAA5s, THMs, Pesticides, Heavy Metals: lead, arsenic, chromium 6.

In the past few years, many municipalities have been adding chloramines to the water along with chlorine to kill bacteria.  Chloramines are a combination of chlorine and ammonia.  They prevent TTHMs (trihalomethanes) from forming when mixing with organics in the water, and have a longer life than chlorine alone.  Unfortunately, chloramines are not as easy to remove as chlorine--they require a longer contact time with the media, and not everything can be removed, mainly the ammonia.  Fortunately, the ammonia levels are very low in the neighborhood of parts per billion.  Even reverse osmosis won't remove the ammonia. One solution offered by an engineer at Calgon Carbon, the manufacturer of catalytic carbon designed to reduce chloramines, is to add triple the amount of chlorine to your water which would change the chloramines and the ammonia would be removed.  But this isn't a practical solution for drinking water filters.  Ammonia, even in very low levels, is a problem for tropical fish owners and those with Koi ponds. The chemical Zeolite will reduce ammonia, and is available with some whole house filters, however, cartridges are not available.

Our KDF/GAC filters will reduce the chloramines taste and odor. However, we found a specially designed Catalytic GAC carbon filter that will reduce more of the chloramines taste and odor than other types of carbon filters (about 90 percent), so we are now offering that cartridge as an option in our water filter systems.  As an alternative, our double filters: under-counter Model UCD-CB and countertop Model CTD-CB will also reduce chloramines taste and odor. They use our KDF/GAC cartridge as a pre-filter followed by a 0.5 micron extruded carbon block cartridge. But in comparision, the catalytic carbon is more effective. Also, KDF media (copper/zinc), on its own, has a reduction effect on the chloramines as found in a study from KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc entitled: Reductive Dechloramination: Finalized Study of KDF®85 Process Medium in Point-Of-Entry and Point-Of-Use Applications. Visit for the study.

In spite of what you may have read on the Internet, carbon block filters alone do not effectively remove chloramines. But Catalytic Carbon GAC (granulated activated carbon) in a special formulation, manufactured by Calgon Carbon, is effective in reducing chloramines taste and odor in a single cartridge. Extruded carbon block filters alone will only reduce some of the chloramines.  However, if you use a combination of GAC and carbon block filters and move the water through the filters at a slower rate, you can reduce the chloramines.

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Model CTD-CH: Double Countertop Water Filter with KDF/GAC and Catalytic Carbon for High Chloramines, High Chlorine, THMs, HAA5s, Vocs, Pesticides, Metals, and Organics. Similar to CTD-CB with our Filter CH for chloramines.

Sale Price: $179.95 [Suggested Retail Price: $230]

Model CTD-CH - Designed for municipal water that contains a high level of chloramines and chlorine. This dual housing countertop filter features our KDF/GAC cartridge and a high performance granulated activated carbon cartridge designed for maximum chloramines taste and odor adsorption. It's protected against bacteria by the KDF/GAC cartridge. A diverter valve replaces the aerator on your faucet. In the regular position, water is sent through the aerator. For filtered water, turn on the cold water and rotate the plastic diverter valve knob (now a new more durable, long lasting, valve) - water is sent through the filter and out its own spout; a long reach lead free spout allowing for placement flexibility on your countertop.  Can be converted for under-counter use with our Faucet Kit ($69.95).  Includes diverter adapters, housing wrench, and chlorine test strips to verify when it's time to replace cartridge. 12" high, 5" deep, 11" wide. 3 year prorated warranty on KDF/GAC cartridge. Suggested Retail - $230, Sale Price now $179.95 plus free shipping (continental US only). ORDER NOW!

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Model UCD-CH: Double Under-counter Water Filter with a Catalytic Carbon GAC filter - HighChloramines Taste and Odor and Chlorine reduction--was $199.95 now $179.95.under counter water filter

Model UCD-CH - Designed for municipal water that contains a high level of chloramines and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), HAA5s, THMs, pesticides, heavy metals and organics. This dual housing under-counter filter features our KDF/GAC cartridge and a high performance granulated activated catalytic carbon cartridge designed for maximum chloramines taste and odor adsorption. Includes faucet, "faucet connector valve", high pressure polyethylene tubing, mounting bracket, and housing wrench. Quick-connect fittings make installation easy.  Includes chlorine test strips to verify when it's time to replace cartridge. 3 year prorated warranty on KDF/GAC cartridge. 12" tall, 10" wide, 5" deep. Suggested Retail - $270.00, Sale Price - $179.95 plus free shipping (continental US only). Installation Instructions. ORDER NOW!

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tripleModel CTT-CH-F: Triple Countertop Water Filter, KDF/GAC, Chloramine Catalytic Carbon GAC (high chloramine), Fluoride Filter--$249.95 (free shipping) ORDER NOW!


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Model UCT-CH-F: Triple Under-counter Water Filter, KDF/GAC, Catalytic Carbon GAC Chloramine Reduction, Fluoride Filter--$249.95 (free shipping). ORDER NOW!


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Chloramines Taste and Odor Cartridge using Catalytic Carbon GAC

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Filter CH.  High chloramines taste and odor and chlorine reduction. This is a 10" cartridge for a standard housing using Centaur Catalytic Carbon GAC-Click for spec sheet. It's very effective in removing chloramines, VOC (organics), taste and odor in municipal water without the use of other carbon filters.  It will also remove hydrogen sulfide and iron common in wells. Replace yearly. Suggested Retail - $59.00, Sale Price -now $44.95. ORDER NOW!


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