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December 20th, 2010

Chromium VI (6), it's in the news today, on CNN, and it's a buzz on the Internet, a cancer causing water contaminant in 42 states, exposing 74 million americans to potential health problems.

"December 20, 2010, Medical News Today--Carcinogenic hexavalent chromium, the "Erin Brockovich chemical" was found in the tap water of 31 cities out of a total of 35 tested by The Environmental Working Group. The scientists estimate that at least 74 million people in the USA in 42 states regularly drink chromium-tainted water, and a considerable proportion of it is in the carcinogenic hexavalent form."

Even though our water is fairly safe, every so often these studies surface to reveal that some of our water is not so safe.  Our water filters KDF which has been tested to remove chromium 6 and chromium 3.  KDF removes most heavy metals.  See NSF-53 test data for more information.

December 24th, 2010

In a statement from city officials in Tallahassee, Florida, levels of chromiun 6 have been from 0 detected to as high as 2.5 ppb, which is below the current EPA standard of 100 ppb.  Tallahassee, Fluoride measured the second highest levels of chromium 6 of the 31 cities sited.

Honolulu, Hawaii measured 2.0 ppb chromium 6, which was third highest of the 31 cities and far below the highest level of 12.6 ppb found in Norman, Oklahoma.

California has proposed a maximum contaminant level of 0.06 ppb chromium 6.