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The Doulton water filter cartridge may be cleaned up to 40 times before it needs replacing. Follow the step-by-step procedures for cleaning the cartridge and keeping it working to remove bacteria, sediment and cysts.

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Cleaning Your Doulton Sterasyl Water Filter Cartridge

How to Clean the Doulton Bacteria Water Filter

The Doulton Sterasyl cartridge is highly effective in removing bacteria from drinking water. To keep the filter working it must be cleaned when the water flow slows below 0.5 gallons a minute or when the water flow stops. The cartridge may be cleaned up to 40 times. Below are the steps to cleaning the cartridge.

1. Remove the Doulton ceramic cartridge from the housing by unscrewing the long end (the sump) counterclockwise. If you have trouble opening the housing, use the enclosed white housing wrench. The cover opens and closes like a glass jar.

2. Using a Scotch Brite or similar plastic scowering pad, scrape the surface of the ceramic cartridge in an up and down motion to remove the contaminants that have collected. Use enough pressure to remove a small layer of white ceramic material on the outer surface of the cartridge. When done properly, white ceramic material will appear on the scrubbing surface of the sponge. After cleaning the surface, rinse the cartridge in cold water and reinstall into the housing.

3. Before installing the cleaned cartridge, check that a black rubber washer is in place on each end. It's important that both washers are installed with the cartridge to prevent leaks.

4. For under-counter filter installation,to align the cartridge, fill the sump (the long end) with water to center the cartridge, then slowly screw the sump to the cap. If it's not assembling easily, do not force it because if the cartridge can break when if not centered when re-installing. When this happens, remove the sump and try again.

5. For countertop filter installation, it is recommended that you turn the filter system upside down before re-installing the ceramic cartridge. This makes it easier to align the cartridge. Then follow the procedure in step 4 above.