How to Remove Common Contaminants:

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How to Remove Common Water Contaminants

Fluoride. When fluoride is added to municipal water it's not considerated a contaminant. However, it can be naturally occurring in well water. Above above 4 ppm fluoirde can cause bone disease (pain and tenderness of the bones). Children may get mottled teeth. MCL 4 ppm. Removed with Activated Alumina, Bone Char Carbon or Reverse Osmosis.
Arsenic. Causes bladder, lung & skin cancer; may cause liver and kidney cancer. MCL 10 ppb (0.01 ppm) Reduce with KDF (arsenic V), RO or iron oxide (arsenic III)
By-products may contribute to cancer, birth defects and heart disease. MCL 4 ppm. Carbon filters remove chlorine. Remove with a carbon block or GAC filter
Chloramines. Can cause nose irritation, stomach discomfort, anemia. MCL 4 ppm. Catalytic carbon removes it for taste and odor.
Chromium 6. Waste product of the steel industry, known to cause cancer. KDF removes.
Cryptosporidium. A microbe that can harm people with weak immune systems. Causes gastrointestinal illness (diarrhea, vomiting, cramps).Ceramic bacteria filter removes cysts.
HAA5. Increased risk of cancer. By product of water disinfection. MCL 0.06 ppm. Remove with KDF.
Can cause organ damage and lead to mental retardation. MCL is 0, but action level is 15 ppb. Lead is plated to the KDF (copper/zinc) to remove it.
Mercury. Can cause kidney damage. MCL 0.002 mg/l. KDF removes it.
Nitrite. Can cause illness and death to infants below 6 months. Source: runoff from fertilizer use, leaching from septic tanks, sewage and erosion of natural deposits. MCL 1 ppm. Removed with nitrite specific resin (ion exchange) or reverse osmosis.
Nitrate. Can cause illness and death to infants below 6 months. Source: runoff from fertilizer use,leaching from septic tanks, sewage and erosion of natural deposits. MCL 10 ppm. Removed with nitrate specific resin (ion exchange) or reverse osmosis.
Cadmium. A heavy metal that can cause breast cancer, kidney damage and bone disease. MCL 5 ppb. KDF removes heavy metals.
Can cause serious illness or death. Use ceramic pre filter, reverse osmosis or UV purifier to remove. Power outages can disrupt water flow causing contamination.
Radionuclides. Radium, Radon, Uranium, Alpha Particles, Beta Particles & Photon Emitters. Increased risk of cancer. MCL from 5 pCi/L.GAC can remove radon and radioactive iodine (131) and ion exchange softener cartridges can remove radium and Beta Particles, Reverse osmosis will remove Alpha Particles. Radon. A radioactive gas from the decay of uranium, can be removed using granular activated carbon (GAC)
TTHMs. Total Trihalomethanes. Can cause liver, kidney or central nervous system problems; increased risk of cancer. By products of disinfection. MCL 0.08 ppm. Our KDF/GAC cartridges reduces it.
Iron. Common in well water, and from rust in old pipes. MCL 0.3 ppm. Removed with KDF or Reverse Osmsis.
Manganese. Present in well water. Secondary standard (no health conerns) causing aesthetic problems. MCL 0.05 mg/l. Methods to remove include reverse osmosis, catalytic carbon and water softening filters.
Hydrogen Sulfide. Found in well water. Rotten egg sulfur smell. Removed with carbon filters.
Sodium. Sodium in water is not yet regulated by the EPA, however, health professional recommend a reduced intake of sodium for patients with high blood pressure. We offer a ion exchange cartridge using potassium to remove sodium. It also acts as a water softener.

MCL. Maximum contaminant level, US EPA. parts per million (ppm) same as mg/l. ppb is parts per billion.

Information listed by the US EPA

Click for the Complete List of Drinking Water Contaminants from the US Environmental Protection Agency