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Countertop Fluoride Water Filter

Countertop water purifiers are built from single or double polypropylene housing that are safe to use for drinking water.  They hold one or two water filter cartridges and connect to the water line through a chrome diverter valve that mounts on the kitchen sink faucet.  To install, you unscrew the aerator screen from the tip of the faucet and replace it with the diverter.  To operate, turn on you cold water and rotate the plastic diverter knob to the horizontal position directing water from the sink faucet to your water filter.  Many different combinations of filters are available, but this depends on the type of contaminant you want to remove.  Chlorine is the most common and we use our custom made KDF/GAC cartridge in a single housing.  A double or triple housing configuration allows the removal of various contaminants.  Ceramic is used to remove bacteria and cryptosporidium.  Activated alumina is used to remove fluoride.  Adding a carbon block or catalytic carbon cartridge in a second housing will help remove more of the chloramines routinely added to most community water systems.