Comparing Water Filters:

fluoride water filters, countertop and under-counter

Compare Water Filter Systems

Water Filter Systems Comparison


Compare contaminant removal methods in removing chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, Trihalomethanes (THM), lead, MTBE, arsenic, mercury, barium, cadmium, chromium and other chemicals.

Compare *our water filters to price and operating costs of Brita Water Filters, Amway, Multipure, Pur Water Filters and more brands available at your local hardware store (Lowe's, Home Depot, Sam's Club - WalMart, Sears, Costco, Target etc.).

water filters comparison

contaminant removal water filter comparison

* - Healthful minerals; removal not necessary.

(1) - Inorganic Arsenic
(2) - Has shown reduction, but inconsistent. For complete removal, call us for information on our fluoride and nitrate selective filters.
(3) Reduces chloramines. Requires combination: carbon block and KDG/GAC to remove more.

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