Water Filters Types

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Kinds of Water Filters

Types of Water Filters

Carbon Block:  reduces rust, sediment, taste, odor, chlorine, chloramines, trihalomethanes, lead particles and VOCs

GAC: granulated activated carbon reduces chlorine, rust and sediment, taste, odor, THMs, VOCs, radon and MTBE

Ceramic: removes bacteria, cryptosporidium (cysts) and sediment

KDF/GAC: reduces chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, arsenic, dissolved lead and particles, iron, mercury, THMs, VOCs, hydrogen sulfide, barium, cadmium, chromium, MTBE and taste and odor

Activated Alumina: reduces fluoride and arsenic

Reverse Osmosis with carbon: reduces all of the above plus removes calcium, magnesium and potassium

Distillation with carbon: reduces all of the above

Sediment: pleated or wound cartridge for reducing sediment with different micron ratings

Common contaminants our water filters will remove

Arsenic.  Causes bladder, lung & skin cancer; may cause liver and kidney cancer.
By-products may contribute to cancer, birth defects and heart disease.
Can cause organ damage and lead to mental retardation.
A microbe that can harm people with weak immune systems.
A heavy metal that can cause breast cancer, kidney damage and bone disease.
Can cause serious illness or death. Use ceramic pre-filter, reverse osmosis or UV purifier to remove.  Power outages can disrupt water flow causing contamination.


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