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Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

Home Drinking Water Test Kits and Strips

Test for arsenic, bacteria (coliform), pesticides, alkalinity, lead, nitrates, nitrites, iron, pH, hardness, chlorine and copper using our water test kits or chlorine test strips

home water test kit

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PurTest® Home Water Analysis, Water Testing Kit for 11 contaminants. Includes 1 Bacteria test, 1 Lead, 2 Nitrates, 2 Nitrites, 2 Chlorine, 2 Iron, 2 Copper, 2 pH, 2 Alkalinity, 2 Hardness, 1 Pesticide test, a water knowledge book and results chart. Use for testing both municpal water and well water--suggested retail $39.95, sale $29.95. ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

arsenic test

Arsenic Test Kit--$19.95. ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

Add arsenic regents to your sample and wait 30 minutes. Levels as low as 10 ppb are indicated. EPA based method.

bacteria test

Bacteria Test Kit--$19.95, sale $9.95. ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

EPA based test for detecting danger levels of bacteria. Negative test shows purple, positive indication is yellow.

pesticide testing

Pesticide Test Kit--$19.95, sale $9.95. ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

Detects two of the most common pesticides used in the US at or below the EPA maximum contaminant level (Atrazine--3 parts per billion and Simazine -- 4 ppb). Takes 10 minutes for results.

Chlorine Test Strips

Before replacing the KDF/GAC cartridge or media in your countertop, under-counter or whole house water filter, test for chlorine using our chlorine test strips.  Place some filtered water into a cup and dip the test strip into the water moving it back and forth for 10 seconds.  The color of the water will determine the amount of chlorine present, if any.  If chlorine is present, then you'll need to replace the cartridge or whole house filter media.  You must read the test strips immediately; otherwise they can change color and give a false reading.

chlorine test strips

Test your KDF/GAC cartridge performance with our inexpensive test strips:

PurTest Chlorine Test Strips in foil packets, 2 strips per packet -- $1.25 ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

10 PurTest Chlorine Test Strips Foil Packets  -- 20 strips for $12.00 ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT