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Filter for Your Furnace Humidifier - Remove Chlorine

Chlorine Water Filter for the Humidifier with KDF/GAC

refrigerator filter

Filter IL-H. If you use a humidifier, you can now remove chlorine from your humidifier water supply.  Our KDF/GAC inline water filter (used for refrigerators) can also be used for removing chlorine from water feeding into your home humidifier.  This filter will remove 99.9 percent of the chlorine before it's distributed throughout your home ventilation system.  When your humidifier is working (during the winter months) it's sending water vapor mixed with chlorine throughout your house.  But, there's no need to breath the chlorine.  Just install one of our KDF/GAC inline filters at the inlet to your humidifier and you'll prevent this problem.  If you're concerned about the chlorine in your drinking water, it's even more important to remove chlorine from water before it gets to your humidifier.  The cartridge weights approximately 1.5 lbs, and contains 1/2 lb KDF-55 and the rest granulated activated carbon.  High-pressure quick-connect fittings make for quick installation on 1/4" plastic or copper line. Mounting clips are included to secure the filter, if desired. Rated to treat 8,000 gallons; 3 year prorated warranty.  Includes chlorine test strips to verify when it's time to replace the filter. 11" long, 2" diameter.