Ionizer Pre-filters:

fluoride water filters, countertop and under-counter

Kangen Ionizer Water Pre-Filters SD501

Water Filters will extend the life of Ionized Water Machines including the Enagic Kangen SD501 Ionizer. The filters listed below are configured to connect to the Kangen. If you have another model water ionizer, we can change the fittings to fit your ionizer--call or e-mail your ionizer model.

Kangen Pre-Filters for Contaminant Removal and Extending the Life of Your Water Ionizer Filters & Titanium Plates

Water ionizers are alkaline machines used to improve the pH of your drinking water and produce alkaline water (above 7 pH) which many health experts have endorsed as beneficial. While ionizers do a good job of changing the pH of water, and may remove some contaminants, they don't remove everything, especially fluoride, chloramines, iron, nitrates, heavy metals or arsenic. We are now offering a number of inexpensive add-on pre-filters for delivering contaminant free water to your ionizer. Our filters are made of high quality housings and long life cartridges. Our KDF/GAC cartridge, included with each pre-filter, is guaranteed to remove chlorine and other contaminants for 3 years. And the replacement cost is only $41.95. Our ceramic bacteria filter will also last up to 3 years. We also offer acid neutralizing filters for low pH, below 7 and softener cartridges for hard water.