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Lead Water Filtration

Lead Water Filters

A crisis is ongoing in Flint, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The city manager, in an attempt to save money, disconnected from Detroit water and processed river water. Mistakes were made, and a crisis was created causing pipes to corrode leaching toxic lead and iron, in high levels, into the municipal water system endangering the health of anyone drinking the water. Hundreds of children have tested with dangerous levels of the heavy metals, with irreversable damage. This can happen to anyone because lead (a heavy metal) is common in all water systems. Though the MCL is 15ppb, no lead is acceptable. Our filters take out 97%+ of the lead from most water systems with at a one year life. KDF removes lead by plating the heavy metal to the surface of the copper/zinc.

Methods to remove lead and heavy metals using KDF

KDF / GAC cartridges as well as reverse osmosis membranes will remove lead in water

Countertop Lead Water Filters

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