Build Your Own Water Filter


Lemon Water Filter Filters Chlorine

A little known fact, not publicized in the water filtration industry is that lemon juice mixed with water will neutralize chlorine and chloramines. I've know this for years, but not until recently, has someone designed a water filter using vitamin C--yes the same stuff that's in the lemon juice--citric acid--and is sucessfully removing chlorine and chloramines from the shower water. The same goes for the bath, except that if you crush a 250 mg vitamin C tablet (ascorbic acid), and mix it in your bath water, it will also neutralize chlorine. There's some real chemistry science behind it, and you can see the proof through the link below about a study done by The U.S. Department of Agriculture:


C5H5O5CH2OH + HOCL → C5H3O5CH2OH + HCl + H2O

Ascorbic acid + Hypochlorous acid → Dehydroascorbic acid + Hydrochloric acid + water

So, the next time you're in a restaurant, and the water reeks of chlorine, ask for a slice of lemon and squeeze it in. The water will have that refreshing lemony flavor, and taste amazing, and no more chlorine. Add a little sugar and you'll have chlorine free lemonade.