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Methods to Remove Medication in Municipal Water

Medications in Water

Prescription Drugs, Medications, Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products in our Drinking Water Supply

There is some evidence from a study in Europe conducted in 2004 suggesting that using carbon filtration (which removes organics) or reverse osmosis, will remove many of the contaminants.  More tests and studies are needed before we can say what water filtration methods will work best.  We are confident that our filters will help.  That said, the problem recently publicized has been present since prescription drugs have been introduced, first with anti biotics and hormone therapy and then later with anti-depressants and personal care products.  But the exposure is minute with only a few parts per billion or even much less.   Although not desirable, there may be no risk at all with such tiny amounts.  However, I would not panic, but recommend filtering with any of the conventional filters available.


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