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fluoride water filters, countertop and under-counter

Ordering Information and Return Policy

We have been selling quality water filter products and systems built in the USA for 17 years, since 1997. Most of our cartridges are USA made (except our high quality Doulton bacteria filter is made in the UK)

We ship to most US addresses using UPS. However, we do not ship or sell filter systems to California or Iowa residents due to their strict certification requirements. Also, we do not ship to Canada.

Important: We ship via UPS or the US Postal Service and they require an accurate and complete street address (example: 122 Elm St, Apt 102, not 122 Elm #102).  Also, the shipping address entered must be where your credit card statement is mailed (bill to address).  We process your credit card through a merchant terminal with address verification along with other forms of security for your protection. If your street address is not on file, we may not get authorization and that will delay your order.  If your billing address is a post office box, your bank can add your street address on your request.

Important UPS Delivery Information

Please provide us with your correct street address for UPS delivery, including apartment numbers, etc. If the address is not correct or incomplete, UPS charges $11 for an address intercept, and you will be billed that amount.

UPS will attempt delivery 3 times, and requires someone there to sign for the package. If you can't be there, call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 and ask them to hold the package so you can pick it up at their office. They will hold a package for 5 days, but you must call to make the request. And you'll need ID to pick it up. If you are not home on the their 3rd attempt to deliver the package, and you haven't called to arrange pickup at their office, UPS will return the package to us and you will be responsible for shipping costs: to you and the return shipping--actual costs. To avoid extra expense, please have someone there to sign for your package or call and arrange to pick up the package. When an exception notice is sent to us after an attempted delivery, we will e-mail you instructions with your tracking number. Note, signing the UPS slip left in the door doesn't guarantee they will leave the package. It depends on your driver.

Notice: consumer is responsible for following any state and/or local regulations and plumbing codes pertinent to the purchase, installation and operation of our products.

**Limited 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Under-counter and countertop*** water filters must be unused and in original packaging.  Returns must be authorized over the phone, and then shipped with insurance for the amount paid.  A 15 to 20% restocking fee plus the actual shipping costs will be deducted.  The filter MUST be returned within the 30 day period otherwise it will not be accepted. The limited 30 day money back guarantee only applies to our under-counter and countertop filter systems.  All other products, including cartridges, shower filters, RO systems, whole house filters, water filter parts and ionizer pre-filters are not returnable.

*** Countertop connection note: if you have a faucet that does not accept our standard diverter, like some Moen models, you may return the filter within the 30-day period, but you will be responsible for a 20% restocking fee. To prevent a problem, please contact us prior to purchase.

Filter Operating Specifications and Warranty Information

Maximum water pressure is 100 PSI and maximum operating temperature is 110 F.

The KDF/GAC cartridge has a 3-year warranty, prorated at $1.65 per month of usage.

This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, neglect, freezing, fire or other fortuitous event. No allowances made for any consequential damages, labor or expense incurred as a result of a proven defect. NO WARRANTY FOR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Notice to Purchaser: The purchaser/homeowner or plumber/installer has a responsibily to follow all local plumbling codes. The filter should be inspected periodically by the homeowner/installer/Master Plumber for leaks and perform maintenance to prevent leaks and failures if required.

Our filters are not warranted against sediment clogging. If the flow rate is significantly reduced, clogging is most likely. You can try to back-flush the filter by reversing the fittings on the housing to temporarily reverse the water flow.

If you have a problem with your filter, call 1-248-788-3342 or e-mail for technical support.

*Free shipping $130 or more, continental US only.  Does not apply to special orders.  Prices subject to change without notice.

If you are in Hawaii or Alaska, etc., our shopping cart does not add the shipping charges to the order, and the amount will calculated and a new total will be sent to the customer prior to processing.


You may also mail your order by sending an order to The Water Exchange/Software Exchange LLC, PO Box 251682, West Bloomfield, MI 48325. Michigan residents add 6 % sales tax. Make your check or money order payable to The Water Exchange.

To Reach Us e-mail to info@thewaterexchange.net with your question or phone number. When we're not in the office, e-mail is the best way for a response.