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Portable water filter for travel and vacations

Portable Water Filter with 2 year warranty

This is an inexpensive, but long-lasting portable water filter using KDF-55 (copper and zinc) and coconut shell carbon in an inline water filter cartridge, 2" x 10" designed for traveling.  A spigot is installed on the outlet of the cartridge and a diverter is mounted on the inlet. To connect, you remove the aerator from the hotel room bathroom faucet with a washcloth, and then mount the diverter in place.  Now you'll have clean drinking water, especially important when taking medications in the morning. The cartridge is rated at 8,000 gallons of chlorine removal, but will also remove heavy metals (lead, etc.), pesticides and other chemicals.  It's small enough to fit into a suitcase or carry on bag, and easy to connect and use in your hotel room.  If you travel, and ever thought it would be nice to have a filter in your room because the water has a bad taste, then you need this portable filter.  It really makes a difference.

Model CT-P: Portable Countertop KDF/GAC Filter--Sale Price: $59.95 [Suggested Retail Price: $90]


Model CT-P. This highly portable (and inexpensive) countertop unit uses our disposable KDF/GAC "in-line" municipal water filter cartridge, rated for 8,000 gallons, with a 5 micron sediment pre-filter pad. Flow rate is 0.5 gallons per minute. It's small enough to pack in your suitcase, and easily connects to just about any hotel room faucet, so you won't be without chlorine free filtered water on vacation. Just remove the hotel faucet aerator (use a wash cloth to unscrew) and connect the diverter from the portable filter to the faucet. Besides being useful on trips, it may also be used at home on your countertop, and takes up very little space, for people who don't have the space for a full-size filter. Can be converted for under-counter use with our Faucet Kit ($69.95).  Includes 2 faucet adapters and chlorine test strips to verify when it's time to replace cartridge. 11" long, 2" diameter. 2 year prorated warranty on cartridge. Suggested Retail - $90, Sale Price - $59.95. Click for Installation Instructions. ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

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