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KDF Shower Water Filter

KDF shower filter for removing chlorine from your shower water

KDF Backwashing Shower Filter--cleans the media for better performance

backwashing shower filtershower filter

KDF BACKWASHING FILTER: Our Best Filter! All new Model SF-1000 NSF approved! Suggested Retail $89.95.

KDF Back-washing Shower System with Replaceable Cartridge for Municipal Water

Model SF1000. This shower filter, now NSF approved, uses KDF-55 with a backwashing replaceable cartridge (backwashing improves the chlorine removal performance and extends life of the KDF). Effectively removes 95+% chlorine for up to 12 months (2 people). KDF also removes iron, sulfur, pesticides and controls the mold and mildew in your shower.

To backwash, just twist the cartridge to the "Flush" arrow to will reverse the flow "backwashing" through the bottom of the filter holder. Recommended for use in areas where old pipes and can add sediment to your water supply, like in New York City and surrounding areas.  This KDF backwashing filter will prevent clogging from sediment in the water supply.

Must be used with a 2.5 gpm (or less) showerhead for best results (we offer a 2.0 gpm water-saver showerhead as an option). Replacing the cartridge is easy: simply unscrew the holding ring and remove and replace the cartridge.

Dimensions: 6.7" tall x 3.75" diameter. Housing is made of ABS plastic. Inlet: 1/2" female pipe thread, swivel. Outlet is 1/2" male pipe thread. To install, just unscrew your existing shower head from the shower arm and screw on the shower filter. Then install your shower head to the end of the shower filter. Click to view Installation Instructions. (PDF file format). Shower Filter with cartridge - Without Showerhead: Suggested Retail - $89.95.

replacement shower filter cartridge

Part SF-1000/2000RC. Replacement Cartridge



shower head

Part SH. This is a high-quality solid brass and chrome USA made shower head (made in CT).  It produces a fine mist that provides an invigorating, high velocity shower using only 2.0 gallons per minute (at 50 psi).  Click for installation instructions. Use with our shower filters SF1000 and SF-E. Swivel head, 1/2" female threads.