Ultraviolet Water Purifiers :

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Ultraviolet Water Filters Kill Bacteria & Viruses

UV Purifiers using short wave UV light

Ultraviolet purification is often the best way to protect well water from bacteria, viruses, algae, and fungi using short wave UV light. Water passing through the chamber is exposed to the UV light that kills bacteria and viruses listed below. A bulb that generates the ultraviolet light must be changed yearly. Chlorine is an alternative, but for serious bacteria and virus problems, UV radiation can be more effective.

Ultraviolet Water Filters Kill the Following Bacteria, Viruses and Cysts

Our UV purifiers generate 30,000 microwatt seconds/cm2 or 30mjoules/cm2 for the required flow rate.  Here is a list of some of the numerous bacteria and viruses our UV purifiers kill, with the dosages required to kill them (much lower than what our units generate).  You can expect eradication of 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and cysts when the proper flow rate is maintained:

Bacteria / Virus/ Cysts Power to kill: microwatt seconds/cm2
Bacillus anthracis 8,700
Bacteriophage (E. Coli) 6,500
Baker's yeast 8,800 8,800
Corynebacterium diphtheriae 6,500
Dysentary bacilli (diarrhea) 4,200
Escherichia coli (diarrhea) 7,000
Hepatitis 8,000
Influenza 6,600
Legionella pneumophilia 3,800 3,800
Mycobacterium tuberculosis 10,000
Poliovirus (poliomyelitis) 7,000
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 3,900
Salmonella (food poisoning) 10.000
Salmonella paratyphi (enteric fever) 6,100
Salmonella typhosa (typhoid fever) 7,000
Shigella dysentariae (dysentery) 4,200
Shigella flexneri (dysentery) 3,400
Staphylococcus epidermidis 5,800
Streptococcus faecalis 10,000
Vibro commo (cholera) 6,500



Point-of-Use 1 GPM Ultraviolet Purifier with 1/4" quick connect fittings--retail $219.95 was $109.95 now $94.95.
PUV-1. Point of use Ultraviolet purifier with a 1 gallon per minute maximum flow rate. Includes power supply and John Guest quick-connect fittings for 1/4" tubing.  Use alone or with other filters.  If your water source has sediment, we recommend adding a sediment pre-filter to the system.   Suggested Retail - $219.95. Sale price- $109.95 now $94.95ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

PUV-6W replacement UV bulb (change yearly)--$79.95ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT



Independent lab validated (BioVir Laboratories) using E.coli bacteria. Test results indicate all models are capable of reducing E.coli bacteria.

Water Quality Guidelines: Total Iron--less than 0.3 mg/l, Hydrogen Sulfide--less than 0.05 mg/l, Turbidity, sediment--less then 10 mg/l, Manganese--less than 0.05 mg/l, Hardness--less than 7 grains, UV transmittance--greater than 90%

Watts® 8 gpm UV Disinfection System-$349.95

304ss chamber, electronic ballast with audible and visual alarm, lamps rated for 30 mj/cm2 @ end of lamp life (9,000 hrs), single lamp per vessel, 3/4 in. MNPT, 110v. W-UV8-110--$349.95 (compare to Sterilight at $429.95). ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

W-UV-8 replacement UV bulb (change yearly)--$99.95ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

Watts® 12 gpm UV Disinfection System--$429.95

304ss chamber, electronic ballast with audible and visual alarm, lamps rated for 30 mj/cm2 @ end of lamp life (9,000 hrs), single lamp per vessel, 1 in. MNPT, 110v. W-UV12-110--$429.95 (compare to Sterilight at $529.95). ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

W-UV-12 replacement UV bulb (change yearly)--$99.95ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT

Sterilight Residential Silver Series Point-of-Entry UV Purifiers from Viqua®


Manufactured by Viqua®, the Silver Sterilight® point-of-use ultraviolet purifiers can be used alone, or with combined with other filter configurations (see our full line of filters). The stainless steel chamber has 1/4" MNPT ends. It carries a 7 year warranty on the chamber, 5 years on hardware, and 1 year on bulb.

The water chamber has 3/4" MNPT ends. The control module can be installed near the uv light and requires AC power. The monitor sounds an alarm if the UV lamp fails. Available in 5 gpm, 8 gpm and 12 gpm flow rates. Sterilight purifiers offer a 7 year warranty on the chamber, 5 year on hardware. The bulb must be changed yearly.

Because the UV chamber needs to be clear, we recommend at least 5 micron sediment pre-filter to protect the chamber. Iron should be 0.3 ppm or less, and hard water that is over 7 grains should be softened.

S5Q-PA - 5 GPM point-of-entry.  Suggested retail $679.Sale price--$349.95 plus free shipping. Chamber dimensions - 21" X 2.5". 26 watts power consumption ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT.

S8Q-PA - 8 GPM point-of-entry. Suggested retai $819.Sale price - $459.95 plus free shipping. Chamber dimensions - 35" X 2.5". 39 watts power consumption. ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT.

S12Q - 12 GPM point-of-entry. Suggested retail $925.Sale price - $529.95 plus free shipping. Chamber dimensions - 37" X 7".39 watts power consumption.  ORDER NOW! VIEW CART/CHECKOUT.

Replacement Lamps for our Sterilight Models S5Q-PA, S8Q-PA, S12Q (replace annually).


UV Applications

bullet Well Water and Surface Water
bullet Municipal Water
bullet Food service and processing
bullet Hospitals
bullet Aquaculture
bullet Electronics
bullet Pharmaceuticals
bullet Hotels
bullet Water bottlers
bullet Laboratories
bullet Marine

Sterilight® UV Benefits and Features

bullet Protect your water without the use of chemicals
bullet Reduces bacteria, virus and protozoa by 99.9 percent
bullet Electronic ballasts provide constant current output over entire operating ranges
bullet Improved surge protection
bullet Annual lamp replacement reminder feature
bullet Polished, 304 stainless steel chambers
bullet Easy lamp servicing--no need to disconnect water flow during lamp replacement
bullet Open end quartz sleeves for optimum operating temperature and sealing efficiency
bullet Aluminum base for quick and easy servicing
bullet Seven year warranty on reactor chamber
bullet Product certified by CSA (C US) and CE

E-coli is eradicated at 7mJ/cm2
Cryptosporidium & giardia lamblia (chlorine resistant cysts) are eradicated at 10mJ/cm2
Hepatitis, influenza & poliovirus (poliomyelitis) are eradicated at 8mJ/cm2
Anthrax, salmonella, dysentery, typhus & TB are eradicated at 10mJ/cm2
Legionella, cholera, enteric fever & jaundice are eradicated at 7mJ/cm2

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