Water filter faucet installation

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Installing your Faucet

Under sink Water Filter Faucet Installation

Under Sink Water Filter Faucet Installation Instructions

Installing the Faucet

If your hole is greater than 1/2", position the large gasket over the hole in your sink or counter top, and insert the stem of the faucet through the hole (if your hole is just 1/2" you won't need the plastic washer).  Under your sink, install the large plastic washer and the lock washer through the stem and then secure it with the brass nut.  Next, apply Teflon tape to the bottom of the faucet stem, and install the 7/16" faucet adapter (with the 1/4" quick connect fitting). Then firmly insert one end of the 1/4" diameter tubing into the faucet adapter quick connect fitting until it bottoms. 



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