What's in your Drinking Water? Find out! We'll recommend the right water filter system for your area.

Water Filtration Recommendation

Water Quality Report Analysis Form

For a free water filter recommendation please enter your name, city, state, zip code and phone number, and if you have municipal water or well water and your e-mail address for our response. We'll look up your city's water quality report and recommend a filter based on what we find. Sometimes contaminants are within the MCL (maxiumin contaminant level), but if they're high, we'll recommend a fix. Usually, our filters remove or reduce most of the contaminants that are listed in a municipal water report, with exception of fluoride and nitrates. They require separate filter cartridges. If you have a well, we'll need to see a water report to make the recommendation. You can e-mail your report to info@thewaterexchange.net. Please allow 72 hours for our e-mail response, excluding weekends. Once I get your form, I will personally look up your water quality report and e-mail you the results. If you have any questions before or after I send my recommendation, please call 1-888-297-4887. I would be happy to answer any questions and concerns about your water and explain our filter systems in detail, including suggested installation, filter life and replacement costs. Howard Berenbon.

Well Water. If you'd like us to comment on the quality of your well water, please e-mail a copy of your water report.

If you have trouble sending your information through this form, then please send directly through e-mail to: info@thewaterexchange.net

Before you submit, we may already have the report online. Please check the city and state below for your area water analysis.

Various Cities with Recommendations

Albuquerque, NM Louisville, KY
Arlington, VA Portland, OR
Atlanta, GA Lakewood, CA
Baltimore, MD Wellington, FL
Cincinnati, OH Las Vegas, NV
Dallas, TX Alameda, CA
Daytona Beach, FL Chicago, IL
Denver, CO Durham, NC
Georgetown, TX  
Green Bay, WI Gainesville, FL
Houston, TX Hollywood, CA
Jacksonville, FL Fullerton, CA
Jonesboro, AR Phoenix, AZ
Los Angeles, CA Detroit & Royal Oak, MI
Medina, NY Minneapolis, MN
Milpitas, CA Lawrence, KS
New Bedford, MA Salem, OR
New Braunfels, TX Colordo Springs, CO
New York, NY and surrounding area Tyler, TX
Oceanside, CA Redwood City, CA
Overland Park, KS Henderson, NV
Philadelphia, PA Rockford, MI
Portland, ME Cleveland-Parma, Ohio
Sarasota, FL  
Spokane, WA Seattle, WA
Washington, DC  
West Palm Beach, FL  
Wolcott, NY