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Water Filter Systems--Home and whole house water filtration products, low cost long lasting systems using KDF/GAC. KDF/GAC cartridge will remove chlorine, chloramines, lead, chromium 6, arsenic, TTHMs, HAA5s (VOC), pesticides, organic materials and other heavy metals--three year guarantee. Priced from $64.95.

Whole House Water Filters--KDF/GAC from $529.95 for 300,000 gallons or 3 years.

Whole House Fluoride Water Filter--200,000 gallon capacity for removing chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and reducing fluoride using carbon bone char.

Chromium 6 water filters http://www.thewaterexchange.net/chromium-water-filters.htm

Fluoride Water Filters at The Water Exchange http://www.thewaterexchange.net

= Advance International -- Filter Housings, Pipes, Heat Exchangers, etc. http://www.advanceinternational.co.in

= Water pitcher filters at http://www.survivingoutdoor.com

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= Alternative Health Directory http://directory.health-buynow.com

= The Green Living Expert http://www.thegreenlivingexpert.com/

= Bawell water ionizers make alkaline water with many beneficial properties and is very useful for washing fruits and vegetables.

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