Whole House Filter Media Specs WH-1

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WH-1 Filter Media

Whole House Water Filter Media Specifications WH-1

KDF55 - approximately 12 lbs

Density (lb/cu. ft): 171

Bed depth (inches) : 10+

Service flow (gpm/sq. ft): 30

KDF55  high purity copper/zinc granules use redox (exchange of electrons) to remove chlorine and heavy metals. KDF55 is 50% copper and 50% zinc.  This grade is used for chlorine and heavy metals reduction.  It also has bacteria static properties.

GAC - Granular Activated Coconut shell carbon 0.6 cubic feet - approximately 27 lbs.

Density (lb/cu. ft): 25

Bed depth (inches) : 24-36

Chlorine removal service flow (gpm/sq. ft): 3-5

Organic removal flow (gpm.sq. ft): 1-3

Granular activated carbon is the standard media for most chemical reduction applications.  Its high surface area gives it massive adsorptive capacity.  It can be manufactured from animal bones, wood and petroleum, but most carbon is produced from anthracite coal or coconut shells.


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